Olivia Smith Elnaggar, PsyD Student



The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (Clinical PsyD Candidacy, 2020-
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (Master of Arts in Clinical
Psychology, 2022)
American University (Master of Arts in Psychology, 2018)
The George Washington University (Bachelors of Arts and Sciences in English,


Systems Interventions
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Family Therapy
Couples Therapy
Autism Spectrum Disorder

Olivia (she/her) has worked extensively with children and their families to cope with
anxiety and the challenges of developmental disorders. She has worked with
diverse children and their families as a clinician at Lindamood Bell for two years,
and then as a registered behavior technician at Little Leaves Behavioral Services for
four years. Since her study at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Olivia
has performed numerous parenting capacity, personality functioning, and
intelligence assessments with adults, families, and adolescents. She has provided
individual and group therapy services to bilingual children coping with anxiety,
autism spectrum disorder, grief, selective mutism, and trauma. As an advanced
clinical psychology extern, Olivia seeks to develop her skills and provide evidence-
based services for diverse adult individuals, couples, and groups.

Why Olivia Became a Therapist

Tutoring adolescents has shown me that before individuals can meet the demands
of work or school, their basic physical and emotional needs must be met. The
systems that influence our lives rarely give us the time and space to regulate our
emotions, make sense of what we want, and learn how to cope. I transitioned from
tutoring to behavioral therapy, where I have been honored to serve families and
individuals who are constantly asked to change themselves for the comfort of
others. I have since moved to study clinical psychology in the hopes of
understanding the emotional and cognitive needs of individuals who are often
overlooked or placed under extreme stress. Now I see that our identities, families,
communities, and cultures shape our goals, skills, and worldviews, and I am excited
to empower individuals to navigate those influences,

How Olivia Robles Lives Authentically

– Honoring true self care, like mealtimes with family, hygiene routines, caring
for pets, and contact with cherished friends.
– Making lists and then celebrating when I can cross off things that are done.
– Trying to view setbacks as opportunities to learn about myself.
– Relying upon a support network when it’s difficult to think clearly.

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