Dasha Bukreyeva



The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Washington DC Campus (anticipated – Doctor of Clinical
Psychology, 2026)
University of Maryland (Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, 2014)


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Dasha’s background includes working with adolescents and young adults in wilderness therapy residential treatment programs and with adults of all ages in a residential mental health crisis program.

She has worked with individuals diagnosed with anxiety and mood disorders, neurodivergence including ADHD and autism, history of trauma, and borderline personality disorder.  Dasha helps clients gain self-awareness and self-compassion, process emotional experiences, navigate their relationships and understand their attachment patterns, learn coping and communication skills, and set boundaries.

Dasha is also a rock-climbing educator and has a decade-long yoga practice, leading her to value the connection between mind, body, and spirit.  Her goal is to integrate somatic and spiritual practices with evidence-based mental health treatment in any capacity that resonates with the unique needs and preferences of each client.  Above all, Dasha strives to create a safe and accepting space for clients of all backgrounds.

Dasha is currently a clinical psychology doctoral student at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and is working as an therapy extern under the supervision of Dr. Tammy Miller.

Why Dasha Became a Therapist 

With therapy we can deepen our practice of understanding and accepting ourselves – our emotions, our automatic reactions, our perspectives, our values – and learn tools to help us navigate life in ways that align with our authentic selves.  I became a therapist because I love getting to know people and helping them to develop that practice.  We all want to be seen, supported, and respected, and by providing therapy I hope to help others achieve that and to help their relationships with self and others to flourish.

How Dasha Lives Authentically 

I live authentically by honoring my values, practicing compassion with myself and others, and embracing the opportunities that come with change.

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