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Work one-on-one with a trained therapists in our calming, safe, and confidential space.

Individual therapy is appropriate for dealing with life adjustments, relationship issues and trauma. Identify aspects of your life to better understand yourself and others, set personal goals, and work toward change.

MMH Therapists aim to establish and maintain a therapeutic alliance with a non-judgmental approach while promoting self-determination.

Benefits of Individual Counseling

Improved Physical Health ・ Improved Relationships.
Clarification of Purpose ・ Emotional Support.
Improved Overall Well-Being.


Teenagers must learn how to adapt to their physical/emotional changes, new independence, social media pressure and increasing academic demands. The struggle of the adolescent developmental stage can lead to anxiety, depression, and an increased risk of substance abuse.

Adolescent therapy doesn’t need to be reserved for life-altering events or serious mental health problems. Meeting with an MMH therapist can prevent your child’s minor issues from turning into major problems.

Benefits of Adolescent Counseling

Resolve Family/Parental Conflict ・ Coping with Social Media
Develop Healthier Habits ・ Increase Self-Awareness
Manage Stress, Anxiety, and Depression


MMH therapists guide individuals and families with issues related to the aging process. Areas of concern: Retirement transition, assisted living, loss of independence, coping with loss of a spouse or friends, dealing with deteriorating health.

MMH counselors are trained to differentiate grief from depression and cognitive changes from dementia.

Benefits of Geriatric Counseling

Increased Sense of Purpose ・ Decreased Isolation
Reorganization of Family Roles and Responsibilities
Gain Structure for Day-to-Day Living ・ Improved Well-Being


Most couples experience conflict in their relationships and marriages. Our therapists work with you and your spouse to develop healthy patterns of interaction, emotional connection, and communication.

The most successful resolutions come from couples who are open to therapy and change, look at themselves and their flaws and invest the proper time and work into their sessions.

MMH Couples therapists view your relationship with a fresh perspective with the goal of giving each partner tools to effectively navigate the complexity of being in a relationship.

Benefits of Relationship Counseling

Gain Emotional Insight ・ Improve Communication Skills
Rebuild Connection/Intimacy ・ Navigate Conflict
Commitment and Accountability

Treatment Offered For:


Anger Management


Conflict Resolution

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Panic Disorder

Bipolar Disorder

Trauma Recovery

Substance Abuse

Dysfunctional Behaviors with Shopping, Gambling and Food


Pre-Marital and Marriage Counseling

Pre- and post-baby Counseling

Divorce Issues and Recovery

Domestic Violence

Career and Personal Growth

Personality Disorder

Sex and Pornography Problems

Social Anxiety and Phobia

Adolescent Issues

Family Conflict

Eating Disorders


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Grief and Loss

Sexual Problems

Stress Management

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