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MMH offers a full range of assessments: personality, cognitive, educational, and health related (bariatric and spinal cord stimulator evaluations). These assessments range from self-report screeners to more in-depth, in-person evaluation. In order to get the full benefits of an assessment, it is important to fully engage in the process.

As part of your intake process, we may email a questionnaire before or after your first visit to evaluate your diagnosis and treatment plan.


As a supplement to our in-person sessions, MMH offers online therapy to clients after their first in-person session. Clients are able to log-in from their phone or personal computer to conduct their session. Please speak with your therapist if this is an option you would like to explore.


As part of your intake process, we may send you assessments to evaluate your diagnosis and treatment plan. Fill out the following questionnaires truthfully, paying special attention to the specified time period to which the questions refer.



MMH is a participating network provider honoring the contracted rate per session depending on your plan. All benefit claims will be submitted by us to your insurance with a co-payment due at the time of your service.



MMH’s introductory fee is $200 for the first session, with follow-up sessions ranging between $100-200. Central to our mission, we are committed to being an accessible provider regardless of financial ability. Our practice offers a sliding-fee scale based on your income and we can offer customized payment options on an individual basis.

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